How to Submit A Sitemap to Google (The Right Way)
Learn how to submit an XML sitemap so your pages can be indexed and found on Google (and other search engines) faster and more efficiently.
How to Add A User to Search Console
Google Search Console is a vital tool for any website that wants to succeed on Google. If you’d like to know how to add a user to Search Console, then you’ve come to the right place, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Okay, so to add a user, Search Console needs to be […]
Google PageSpeed: 5 Steps to 100% (Mobile) Success
The Hidden Ingredient for a Lightening-Fast Google PageSpeed Score
You've been told to optimise your site for Google PageSpeed and Google Page Experience but what's the one thing that’s probably holding your site back?
Core Web Vitals Explained: Does Your Website Pass Google’s New Page Speed Test?
If you want a fast-loading site that scores highly in Google’s Page Experience update and the Core Web Vitals, you’ll want to check out this post.
Google's Page Experience Update: A New SEO Ranking Signal for 2021
Is your site ready for Google's newest ranking factor? The Page Experience signal launches in May 2021 and rewards fast-loading sites, with a great mobile UX.
Why We Rebranded
Why We Rebranded (and the Lessons Learnt Along the Way)
In 2018, we changed our brand from Zen Optimise to Tribe SEO. Of course, our domain name changed too. Moving from one domain to another is bit like moving house
Backlink Analysis in a Hummingbird World
Backlink Analysis in a Hummingbird World
Google keeps evolving ... which means your SEO needs to keep evolving too. For example, are you doing backlink analysis like this: If so, you may be in need of a change but first, let's review how Google’s evolved over the past seven years. From Strings to Things In 2012, Google announced the introduction of […]
Build Trust through Your Design
Eight Important Ways to Build Trust through Your Design
Does your website design make your site look instantly professional and reputable? Or does it give a poor first impression? Learn how to get it right.
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