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9 Simple Steps: 1 Clear Path

Learn SEO Fast course

Learn SEO Fast is our signature search engine optimisation (SEO) course. It has one clear path from where you are now—perhaps your website is lost on search engines or you feel lost with SEO, to where you want to be—and that's found on search engines.

The course is broken down into 9 easy-to-understand online modules, so you'll always know what step to take next, even if you're starting SEO from scratch.

Stage 1: Base

Build a Solid SEO Foundation

Learn SEO Fast – Base – Stage 1

Here’s the thing, nobody starts at the top of search engines. We all start at the same spot: we all start at basecamp.

The Base stage of the course consists of three modules. You'll learn and implement the basics of SEO, which lays down the foundations for your rise to the top of “Mount Google”.

Module 1: Foundation

Before you master a topic, you need to understand the fundamentals. In this module, you’ll discover how search engines work, what makes a top search engine ranking and how best to respond to recent SEO changes.

64 mins

Module 2: Keyword Research

Picking the right keywords act as a compass; they ensure you head in the right direction. You’ll learn which keyword tools to use and how to carry out effective keyword research.

59 mins

Module 3: Keyword Placement

Once you've researched your keywords, you need to know how to weave them into your content. Here, you’ll learn how to do this for important elements, such as titles, headings and body text.

76 mins


Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Saskia Sidey
"Joe was absolutely fantastic. Clear, easy to understand and extremely interesting. Way surpassed my expectations. Made something intimidating seem completely doable. Can't wait to get started and use all my learnings to improve our website."

Saskia Sidey, Leon Restaurants

Lan Wang
"The search engine optimisation course was really good. It taught me how to manage SEO from a client perspective. The tools introduced are brilliant and really easy to work."

Lan Wang, Aol

Jakub Sobik
"The SEO training was full of useful info and flexible and personal enough to fit it to my needs. Great!"

Jakub Sobik, Anti-Slavery

Monica Kaiser
"The training was excellent. Firstly, it’s a subject that’s invaluable for achieving success in the internet space we work in today. Secondly, the course was run in a professional way. And finally, the trainer clearly knows his stuff and enjoys sharing his knowledge."

Monica Kaiser, Direct Gov

Lauren Kreisler
"Very useful course, packed with lots of practical tips and tools to advance your understanding of SEO. Also great for equipping you to deal knowledgeably with a search agency, and more importantly, revealing where your budget can often be saved by doing it."

Lauren Kreisler, Official Charts

Nicola Copping
"Joe was, first and foremost, very clear in his approach – he highlighted tips that will be of much use in our day to day working life and provided information relative to our particular field, be it the enhancement of product copy or social media. I would definitely recommend Joe to other businesses."

Nicola Copping, Harrods

The Royal Veterinary College
"Excellent! Interesting, informative and enjoyable – what more could you ask for in a course!"

Jack Sisterson, The Royal Veterinary College

Eurostar logo
"Our SEO course was brilliant. We wanted a deeper insight to SEO techniques and practices as we had a basic understanding and wanted more information on what we could be doing. Joe provided an excellent course and also showed us lots of useful software and sites for use in our job."

Hannah Isaacson, Eurostar

Alex Johnson
"Joe provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, broken down into easily-digestible morsels, as well as great training materials. I wholeheartedly recommend the search engne optimisation training for anyone interested in the subject, whether for work or hobby purposes."

Alex Johnson, Sky

Joey Cannon
"I have an understanding of SEO but with the help of Joe’s guidance, delivery and making good use of examples and explaining it in a way that made sense, it allowed for more of an interest and an insight. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in this area."

Joey Cannon, University of Bath

Theo Baldauf
"Although I had previous experience in link building, my knowledge of search engine optimisation overall was limited. The SEO introduction gave me the basic understanding I needed to help me improve my link building ability, and get a better grasp of the benefits of SEO as a whole."

Theo Baldauf, Direct Clear Books

Rosie Enoch
"I was highly impressed by the level of detail and the breadth of the topics we covered in a day. I left feeling positive about my next steps and confident about how I could pass this knowledge onto my business. With hundreds of courses out there to choose from, I felt extremely happy with my choice."

Rosie Enoch, Hobbs

Lena Weber
"The SEO courses are informative, well-structured and very useful. We had a great teacher who can break down fairly complex technical aspects and make them easy to understand. I particularly enjoyed that we were able to focus on practical examples related to my website. Highly recommended."

Lena Weber, Institute of Physics

Lisa Gil
"I found the course incredibly useful. We devised a detailed action plan and how to measure the results which made it easy to transfer the learning immediately back at work."

Lisa Gil, NKD Learning

BAE Systems logo
"Really interesting course aimed at our UX/Designers and Developers. Both groups found it highly informative and interactive in ways to improve natural search and where the future of search engine optimsation lies. Highly recommended!"

Lawrence Hunt, BAE Systems

4.8 (266 reviews) Read 100s of reviews

Stage 2: Climb

Take Your SEO to the Next Level

Learn SEO Fast – Climb – Stage 2

The Climb stage of the course helps sharpen your SEO skills, so you can progress in your search engine journey.

You’ll get clear about who your market is, how best to serve them and from a technical point, you’ll ensure your website is search engine friendly.

Module 4: Clarify Your Audience

When you clarify your target audience, you can better serve them, and this makes SEO easier. You’ll learn the three types of target audience, what their needs are, and how to persuade them to take action.

49 mins

Module 5: User Satisfaction

User satisfaction ensures searchers find what they are looking for. You’ll be guided through how to optimise for Google’s RankBrain, how to pass two user satisfaction tests, and how to make your pages load lightning fast.

51 mins

Module 6: Technical Optimisation

Technical optimisation makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index and rank your webpages. You’ll learn how to use Google Search Console effectively and how to carry out an on-site audit and action plan.

63 mins
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Stage 3: Rank

Follow One Clear Path to the Top

Learn SEO Fast – Rank – Stage 3

The Rank stage is where the rubber hits the road. Here, we turn knowledge into action—by laying out one clear path for you to follow—so you can make progress fast.

You’ll know what steps to take in your pursuit of the summit of ‘Mount Google,’ no matter the sector you work in.

Module 7: Off-Page Optimisation

According to Google, backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors. You’ll learn how to research your competitors’ backlinks, what makes a good one and how to create compelling content that attracts backlinks.

64 mins

Module 8: Future-Proof Your SEO

It’s not enough to do what’s working now; you need to plan for the future. We’ll show you what Google has up its sleeve, how to build a wall of search engine credibility and how to implement the spiderweb content strategy.

80 mins

Module 9: Rankings That Stick

In the rankings that stick module, you’ll connect the dots and turn insights into action. You’ll learn the common reasons why SEO fails and the actions you need to take to rank for the most important keywords.

84 mins


Guesswork, Hard Work or Frameworks?

SEO Frameworks

You can do SEO through guesswork, hard work or frameworks. At Tribe SEO, we prefer frameworks. These one-page “cheat sheets” save you time and ensure you always know what step to take next. Simply watch a lesson, complete the framework and make progress along your SEO journey.


Joe Williams

Hey, I’m Joe the SEO and I'm on a mission to make SEO easier, fun and profitable for small businesses.

After providing hundreds of face-to-face SEO training workshops, in-and-around London, I developed a step-by-step system that is simple to follow and implement.
Joe Williams SEO


What's My Investment?

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