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Are you looking to grow your email list?

Would you like to generate more leads and develop your social media presence?

In this post, you’ll learn how quizzes can not only be fun but can significantly improve your bottom line.

Why Quizzes?

Quizzes are an excellent way to gather feedback, engage your following and improve email opt-in rates.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably dawdled a few minutes on Facebook or Buzzfeed, by completing a personality trait quiz, and perhaps sharing it with a friend.

Yes, they can be fun (and sometimes irritating!) but for businesses, the bigger opportunity lies in capturing relevant leads and then marketing to them.

Let’s look at how you do that.

1. Decide on Your Quiz Platform

If you’re serious about integrating quizzes into your marketing mix, you’ll need to partner up with a third party solution who will take care of the quiz functionality and hook it up to your email provider.

Our email provider is Infusionsoft, so it made sense for us to look for a quiz solutions provider that connected with it and that’s one of the reasons we decided to go with Interact.

Interact starts at $17/m and aside from the email integration, it has a great user interface, so your quizzes will look slick and they are easy to create.

2. Know Your Outcome

Like any marketing activity you need to know why you are doing it and what success looks like. Or to put simply, you need to define your quiz’s goal.

e.g. As an SEO trainer provider, here’s one we might use:

In the next 30-days, acquire 50 London based email signups interested in SEO through social media,  at an average cost of £20/lead or less.

3. Develop Your Quiz Idea

When developing your quiz idea, remember the hero of the quiz isn’t you or your company, it’s the person participating. So, your quiz shouldn’t be salesy or self-absorbed, it should be engaging, relevant and interesting, for the participant.

When thinking of a quiz topic, it should relate to your business and offer the participant a strong enough benefit that they are willing to trade their time and email address for.

Eventbrite Case Study: What’s the Best Social Network for Your Event?

As Zen Optimise is in the training space, we offer events and we are a potential customer for Eventbrite. It’s quite likely that we will be interested in using social networks but we may not know how to pick the best one. Here’s the cover picture of a quiz, created by Eventbrite, using the Interact quiz builder engine, that tackles the problem.

And the result…

Well, as this is a lead generation quiz, the results are given after an email address is provided and here is the result that I got after taking the quiz.

That’s food for thought, as I’m sure there is more we can be doing to promote our events on LinkedIn.

4. Know Where to Promote Your Quiz

This one ties in nicely from the previous step; social media and social networks are great for promoting quizzes.

The Eventbrite quiz hints that we might have more luck with LinkedIn. Although for the most cost effective lead generation in social media, we have found Facebook works the best. That’s because Facebook is widely used, uses re-targeting ads and is able to marry up relevant prospects with the sites they have visited before landing on Facebook.

That said you may find LinkedIn or another social network works better for your business and you don’t have to use social media at all. Perhaps you plan to use quizzes to warm up an old email list?

5. Follow-up and Market to Your Leads

Hopefully you’ll come close or will have achieved your goal. You’ll remember, we set our goal to be:

In the next 30-days, acquire 50 London based email signups interested in SEO through social media,  at an average cost of £20/lead or less.

For us, the next step is to take action, market to the new leads and promote our London based SEO training courses. There are many ways we could do this, including email automation or by calling prospects up directly.

If you haven’t tried quizzes before, why not give it a go? They are lots of fun and we were surprised at just how effective they can be at lead generation.

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