Customer reviews


I also attended the course on May 9th, and fully endorse what Viktor and Tom wrote, and would give it 5 * also. A nice informal course that was pitched at just the right level for me, and reasonably priced, too.

Maritime Progress

If you are looking for a clear, structured SEO training look no further. I’ve attended on a course last week. Joe is an expert in his field with a big experience. This training will provide you clear and practical understanding how Google works what are all those steps what you can do to get more traffic to your site, how to improve and position your content, how to use Google tools….and also Joe will give you concrete suggestions for your website to increase your ranking. I definitely recommend this training.

DDS Demolition

I have to attend many training courses in my position, but I’ve yet to take away as much as I did at this course last week. My previous conceptions on search engine optimisation were “somewhat foggy” and mostly incorrect- I now feel enlightened on the subject! On our most commonly searched term (which we didn’t even recognise before his course) we have already gone from page three to result number three, and are confident of further progression.

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions

Having recently taken on the SEO role within my company, I wasn’t sure exactly what worked and what didn’t. The two SEO courses explained everything in a well structured, easy to follow and understandable format. After running through exercises on keyword analysis and page optimisation, and with guides on how to use many of Google’s tools, such as the keyword tool and Google Webmaster tools, the courses leave you with a clear plan of action for your own website. I now know how and where I can improve our pages to increase our ranking on Google. I cannot recommend enough!

Juste Moi

The course was outstanding. The trainer was very knowledgeable, very structured and even though I had a good working understanding of SEO before the course, I learnt so much. Far from being heavy, the day was very enjoyable and all of the participants on my course felt similarly.The trainer managed to take so much of the jargon out of SEO and I would have no hesitation in recommending his course.

Marcus Evans

We had two SEO training and consultancy sessions to help plan an SEO roadmap. We reviewed a number of our microsites and the effectiveness of previous SEO work carried out. I am now much more confident with the job in hand and what needs to be done.


Great training day. The trainer kept things to the point and informal. Lots of information and task to implement and improve the performance of our site. Do this training day: it is an eye opener.

Capital Locksmiths

As a small business that aspires to be at the top of Google, I wanted to attend Google’s No.1 ranked course for SEO! Both the introductory and intermediate courses were excellent. The days where well paced, clear and packed with relevant and real life examples. I now have an understanding of the SEO tools needed for our website. I would highly recommend to individuals or businesses.


We are in the process of launching a website in a highly competitive market. Our SEO training teacher was first class! He tailored the training to our website/market which made the course very informative and enjoyable. Our teacher would also encourage us to ask questions which made sure we understood everything. I would highly recommend the 2 day course I now feel very confident in my SEO knowledge.

Orbus Software

We have done a number of sessions with various training companies and have some knowledge from working with agencies. Joe did a fabulous job of listening to our training brief and filling in the holes were we felt we needed more depth and greater understanding. He was very flexible in the structure of the day and happy to go off to focus on real issues as required. I would highly recommend the SEO Training and know that we will be getting Joe back in for further sessions in the future.

All Print Supplies

I attended SEO Training’s SEO beginners course. The course and training materials were well structured and though I was not sure how much I would learn from a one day course it proved to be more than enough to start to build a proper SEO strategy. Since the course in November 2011 All Print Supplies have now gained positions for ALL of my keywords on the first page of Google (at best previously we were on pages 3+ of Google and only for a small number of keywords). Admittedly I have done quite a lot of additional reading since the course but teh training was easy to understand approach certainly helped me identify a strategy I could build upon, and I’m very pleased with the results.


Fantastic training session, one of the best I’ve received during my 4.5 years working in online! The 201 course was extremely well structured and packed full of interesting, relevant and actionable insights. Real life examples were used regularly which really helped with understanding of certain elements. We covered a huge amount of ground in one day and were given some excellent material to come away with to make sure nothing is forgotten! I was a little worried that the group size (6) might have been too large but was proven wrong, the trainer did an excellent job at striking the right balance between keeping the momentum going and making sure everyone’s questions were answered. Many

Leiths School of Food & Wine

I liked the tailored approach so I could ask questions specific to our company. The trainer had also spent time researching and comparing our SEO, which was helpful when it came to highlighting areas that needed correcting. He was extremely efficient in following up any questions I had post session. The advice he gave me was practical and reassuring and now SEO isn’t as daunting as I thought and I feel I can tackle SEO with a clearer understanding of what I need to do.


The trainer was extremely knowledgeable about SEO and has demystified the mystery that is search engine optimisation for us. The course was easy to understand, jargon free and practical. I would recommend SEO Training and have booked a follow up session.


Joe Williams spent a day at Harrods instructing myself and two colleagues on SEO, from the very basics to the points pertinent to our everyday work on Joe was, first and foremost, very clear and very patient in his approach – much appreciated from this relative novice’s point of view. He highlighted tips that will be of much use in our day to day working life and left us with the information relative to our particular field, be it the enhancement of product copy or social media, plus a power point presentation on a USB stick which will be of use both as a memory jogger and for other members of my copywriting team. I would definitely recommend Joe to other businesses.

WRM Media

Really good, comprehensive and structured SEO training which provides several resources that will be of great help in the future.

MCE Insurance

Absolutely fantastic! The SEO training course was done at a good pace, the material was well organised and in a way that was understandable and interesting. The trainer really knew his stuff and he was always happy to answer any questions we had.

Fast Payout Claims

I have recently just attended the SEO course and I really enojyed it and have learnt a lot. My name is Tom Bane and by business is called Fast Payout Claims. We specialise in personal injury claims so i have a competitive market to target on google but with the stuff i learnt on the seo course i fell i can spend as much time as possible optimising my website and with the stuff i learnt on the seo course i will be able to make my website work. The tutor was great and you will find [our old site] number one on Google for ‘seo training’.

Henry Walker

Fantastic training by true SEO experts. If you were to type in ‘SEO training’ in Google, the first result you will get is [our old site]. This is because these guys know what they are talking about.  The presentation and content were tailored to my career needs, and were very clear and concise.  The day ended with me being significantly more informed about SEO, and all of the principles and practices that go into it.  I would fully recommend this training as it is tailored, well structured and comprehensive.

Mike Daniels

I just wanted to say a few words to say thanks for the SEO training. We found the course to be very helpful in breaking down what appeared to be a very complicated subject, into easy to understand sections. I would recommend to anyone who runs their own business and wants to climb up the Google rankings.

CIA Alarms

We recently had SEO training and their approach, knowledge and enthusiasm was fantastic!!! I am our company’s full-time webmaster, so obviously am already knowledgeable in optimizing our websites for search engines, but I have now been able fix a couple of potential problems, tweak our on-page, bait and manage our off-page better and monitor the results – all in a methodical way! SEO is definitely an art form and our new organised approach should definitely pay dividends.


I attended the Intro-Intermediate SEO Course last week and enjoyed it thoroughly; it was clear, concise and highly informative. The trainer was great and tailored a large section of the training to our own needs, making his teachings much easier to understand and implement. After course questions are also responded to with clarity and friendliness.

Hitachi Capital

Money well spent! The training we had was incredibly useful and we learnt a great deal; they really knows their stuff on SEO. Since our training we have been able to put a much more detailed SEO plan in place and I’ve discovered many free online tools that I now use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this course, it was definitely money well spent!


The consultancy and teachings has enabled my company to rank number one for our industry’s top search term and appear at an average position for 2.5 for my industry’s top 20 search terms. They have been able to brief plans, teach and consult at all levels of our company. Joe is a pleasure to work with, an honest guy, and always on-hand.


The SEO training was really good. It taught me how to manage SEO from a client perspective. The tools introduced are brilliant and really easy to work. The trainer was very patient at the training and provided books and worksheet which help me a lot.


The SEO course was excellent, just the right level for my knowledge of SEO and everything seemed easily digestible. The trainer also provided plenty of after support and documentation for us to take away, as well as various recommendations on tools and techniques. We have a follow up course booked in a months time.


Our SEO and Google Analytics training course was brilliant. We wanted a deeper insight to SEO techniques and practices as we had a basic understanding and wanted more information on what we could be doing. Joe provided an excellent course and also showed us lots of useful software and sites for use in our job. We also reviewed pages in our site. Joe is very knowledgeable about the subject and a good listener and patient trainer. Highly recommended.

Abercrombie & Kent Villas

The SEO training was excellent. Pitched at just the right level with good use of examples and reference to resources I know I’ll find useful. As a non-technical person it was refreshing not to be blinded with science. I am confident that we can move A&K Villas up through the search rankings and improve our visibility in the on-line world.