Customer reviews

Climate Change Capital

I’d highly recommend the intermediate course to Marketing & Communications professionals with a basic understanding of the SEO principles, but with a desire to learn more about the right guidelines, tools and metrics to optimise their organisation’s website. The classes are well structured and engaging with practical handouts to help you apply what you learn.


Like most of the delegates, I picked SEO Training as they rank No 1 on Google for the key phrase “SEO Training” and had some great testimonials which I am now more than happy to add to. I have been doing the SEO on a large global site and it’s redesign for some time. And often I have felt overwhelmed. There is so much free advice on the internet and much of it is conflicting. If only I had attended this course a year ago, I think I could have saved myself a heap of time and worry. Joe is a brilliant trainer. Highly informed, skilled and really personable. He creates a relaxed atmosphere despite the wealth of information provided. This gave all of the delegates the opportunity to address

Bath University

In my job there are a number of requests from design to building and testing to collecting data and making sure we are doing the best for our website. Although SEO is only part of my job it is a very important part and having an understanding about this can have an effect on how you build and what content to include in your site. I have a basic understanding of SEO but with the help of Joe’s guidance, delivery and making good use of examples, explained it in a way that made sense and allowed more of an interest and an insight. He was very helpful and made sure we got what he was talking about before we moved on. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in this area. Thanks!

ACR Repairs

I attended the intro Seo course recently. I found it was very interesting and they are very professional and I have started using this format to my website, I will highly recommend this course to anyone involved in web design and online marketing, Thanks.

Boux Avenue

I went on the beginners SEO course and it was fantastic! Learnt a lot and had a lot to bring back to my own business. The course is engineered towards helping you in your industry and is very interactive. I would definitely recommend it!

National Union of Teachers

I attended the introduction to SEO course a few months ago, it was so good that I have been too busy applying everything I learnt, to write a review sooner! I can highly recommend the course and the trainer was an excellent.

Axis Recruitment

I recently sat the intermediate SEO Training course. I initially found SEO Training through a Google search and I perceived it to be a very good starting point, if they were number one on Google then at least they practice what they preach! The trainer was excellent, he was detailed, informative, clear in his delivery and more importantly he knows his stuff. In the past two weeks after employing the recommended techniques and strategies I have managed to put one of my websites to number 1 in Google! I don’t think I could recommend the SEO Training highly enough.

BDRC Continental

I attended the Introduction to SEO course and found it extremely helpful. I particularly liked the they focused on our individual websites, enabling us to get the most out of the session. Small class sizes meant that we learnt quickly and the discussion topics were relevant. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone involved in online marketing.


Like most regular people, I thought I was facing an uphill struggle with this but… Very gifted teacher. The intermediate SEO course is wide ranging and in depth. But Joe creates a relaxed learning environment. Your focus sharpens as soon as you realise he is an authority on the subject. My favourite thing about the course was the trainer’s willingness to give us help, after class, for as long as we need. Fantastic resource. If you’re thinking about running a successful site, apply within.


Joe was a fantastic teacher who taught me everything I needed to know about SEO. Prior to attending this course I had no idea what I needed to do in order to get 1st page rankings but after attending this course, I know exactly what I need to do in order to get organic research. Joe showed me exactly what I needed to and what I needed to improve in order to help with my SEO. Each delegate got a folder which had the content of the course so we can use it when we actually come to do the SEO and USB full of tools and other documents to help you. I would definitely recommend this to other companies and this was probably the best £600 I have spent.

Iris Software

Before attending the training I already had basic seo knowledge but had many questions about how everything fits together, Joe was really helpful in answering these questions and showing some techniques which I hadnt even thought about, he really has great knowledge within this area and i would say he is an “Expert” as what he does and I highly recommend him and the SEO Training.

Acorn 2 Oak

Really good training – I knew almost nothing about SEO, went to the beginners training and now I feel much more confident within the SEO field. Small groups (mine was just 4 people), lots of time to ask questions, smart lecturer and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Paramount Investments

Such a great course for SEO. I went to the beginners SEO course and the intermediate and loved them both. It is a really interactive course and you get to look over your own sites in different ways and its a real eye opener. What you learn and can take away with you is brilliant, I would definitely recommend these courses! They are really easy to follow and to interact in, and because there isn’t a huge class to teach the day is tailored to suit everyone. Brilliant!


A great course for those who want to advance from SEO basics to more advanced strategies, and get their knowledge up to speed with Google’s ever-changing ranking criteria. The most important thing is changing your mindset – and our great teacher for getting you to look at things differently, or, to put it another way think like Google! I would recommend the course to colleagues and friends who want learn the maximum they can about SEO in minimal time.

LFC Insurance

An excellent SEO Training Course for all levels of knowledge! Having just attended the SEO Introduction and Intermediate courses I would thoroughly recommend if you are serious about learning SEO. With 4 candidates on day 1 and 6 candidates on day 2 everybody had the opportunity to discuss and address their individual requirements. I started this course with very minimal SEO knowledge and, upon completion, now feel confident that I have attained enough skills and knowledge to run a successful SEO campaign. We had a great trainer who encouraged questioning throughout the course. He made the course easy to understand and was able to provide help to more SEO savvy candidates as well as a

XLN Telecom

Great course which not only provides the theory behind SEO, but how to put it into practice. Group of 6 meant it was more tailored around each of us, using our own websites as examples. Highly recommend.

Having worked with Joe in the past I can verify that his knowledge of SEO an internet marketing is exceptional. His SEO Training is a fantastic investment for smb’s and larger organisations alike.

Sports Injury Clinic

I would definitely recommend the SEO Training Course to anyone. The trainer used our existing site to demonstrate how to implement techniques which not only put everything into perspective for our team, but, it meant that we could all hit the ground running.

Chest of Drawers

Very good intermediate course. I already had a basic understanding of SEO but this course made me able to plan my future strategy. Lots of materials to bring homel. Few people in the course means that we have been able to share our experiences looking at each particular business/website. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve his SEO understanding.

Busy Bees Benefits

I attended both the intro and intermediate course last week. I thought that both days were really good, not only at explaining but at demonstrating how to put SEO into practice. Even with a group of 6 the course is tailored around what the participants need. I would recommend to anyone looking to improve there knowledge. The course also very informal and a lot of fun. Great stuff!

Ski Lodge

I attended both the beginner and intermediate courses. Both courses where a great help to me and our business, from pretty much a standing start with relatively little or no SEO knowledge. I’m now confident of implementing an effective series of changes to many aspects of our digital presence. The numbers are kept low, which was a real positive as I think we all felt that we had a much more personalised and interactive course. The trainer constantly referenced and discussed our individual sites which made all the content extremely relevant. Folders and notes where provided, all broken down into relevant sections and easy to reference. This will be my go to folder before undertaking any


I attended the intermediate course, I had a basic understand of what SEO was and how it worked but I didn’t understand how to implement it. I was surprised at how much I’d learnt in one day! And I would go as far as saying this is the best course I have ever been on. Joe provided us with a folder, split into the relevant sections for us to make notes in and take away. I treat this like it’s my bible now! He was a great trainer, he constantly referred to our individual situations in order to give us a better understanding of the concepts by making it relevant. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in SEO.

Fuel Communications

I attended the intermediate course in order to strengthen and update my knowledge of SEO. As an account director at a marketing agency I felt that although I had enough of an understanding to advise about SEO on a basic level, the amount of conflicting advice about trends and algorithm changes available online was preventing me from confidently advancing my knowledge to the next level. The structure of the course was very well planned and the trainer was knowledgeable. I am confident that I gained exactly what I needed from the training session and would not hesitate to recommend SEO Training Ltd to other marketing agency professionals.

My Lease Hold

It’s so nice to attend a course with an intelligent teacher who knows what they’re talking about! I truly think it is refreshing. Not only did I learn loads in just one day, but it was a thoroughly pleasant experience, and one which you can tell has been really well thought-out and planned.It covered all the foundations of what SEO is and how it works, and then delves a little deeper into how you can tame the Google beast. I found it utterly fascinating, not to mention extremely useful. Using what I learned in that one day I have already made changes that I am SURE have improved our web presence. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to get an insight into what can be a daunting


I attended the Beginner course in SEO on behalf of my company. Having arrived as a complete novice, I now feel I have a very good understanding of the basics of SEO; how it works and how best to go about starting to optimise our online shop. The teaching was very well planned and information-rich without the day ever feeling rushed. I found the trainer to be personable, very willing to answer questions and advise each of the very different businesses present on the course, and above all he had superb knowledge of SEO. I very much look forward to attending the Intermediate course.

Institute of Physics

I attended the intermediate course and thought it was informative, well structured and very useful. We had a great teacher who can break down fairly complex technical aspects and make them easy to understand. I particularly enjoyed that we were able to focus on practical examples related to my website. Highly recommended.

The Parcel Network

I attended both the Introductory and Intermediate courses on consecutive days, and was extremely pleased with the presentation and content. Even though I had already worked with Adwords, I am glad I attended the Introductory course because it provides all the basic principles which it is necessary to understand. We had an excellent teacher and I would recommend the course without hesitation


I went on this course with very little understanding of how SEO worked, and to be honest I was a little skeptical of this course. But I was pleasantly surprised. The course was fantastic, it clearly explained the fundamentals of SEO and more. It doesn’t matter whether you have technical knowledge on websites or not (I don’t), it’s taught in a way that is simple yet grasping. I couldn’t wait to get back into the office and implement everything I learnt. I would definitely recommend this course.

Halfords Media

Our beginner and intermediate SEO training was comprehensive and well-structured. The trainer successfully guided us from the basic principles to the more complex concepts while also adapting the sessions to encompass our specific needs. We are happy to recommend the SEO training offered.

Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form

I attended an intermediate SEO course on the 6th June. I was very pleased with the course because it was very well structured and easy to follow and there were many practical tips given to us. At the end of the day we even received an action programme with the steps we have to follow to optimise our websites. The trainer is very experienced in SEO and it seems that he can answer any related question. The group was small, only about six people and there were many opportunities to ask a question and to receive a detailed answer. I highly recommend.