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These SEO courses are highly recommended, I attended the introduction course in January which provided me with good understanding and basic knowledge of how to start implementing SEO best practices. After completing the intermediate course I now feel confident enough to lead our SEO projects and start consulting myself, I feel my knowledge has gone from 1-10 with the 2 courses. The course covered the key parts to SEO and the trainer made the course specific to each member of the class, the pace and class size of six helps you get the most out of the course.


I recently attended the intermediate SEO training course and am very pleased I did. The trainer goes into great detail about not only establishing a solid SEO standing, but also how to maintain it. He presents material very well and hosts interactive sessions, and is always very helpful with questions and queries asked. I would highly recommend.

Hydro Cleansing

I attended the intermediate SEO course and I really enjoyed myself. – I already had a good understanding of SEO best practices and techniques however it confirmed for me some of the techniques I had already been using and showed me just how much of an impact each one has in my search rankings. – I also learnt some new tricks and picked up a few programs that I hadn’t heard of before that help me keep track of my optimisation and make the whole process easier. – I definitely recommend attending one of their courses, even if you think you already know it all, you could be pleasantly surprised!

Maria Arenillas

I recently attended a two-days SEO training course and couldn´t be happier. It was my first contact with SEO and after two days I gained a pretty good knowledge of it. The number of attendees is under 6 people which guarantee everyone´s participation and the exchange of ideas. The trainer has also been very keen to answer some questions that came up after the course which was really helpful! I highly recommend these courses, you won´t regret it!

Green Light Store

The SEO training was really interesting, a great course for anyone who wants to learn SEO or who has prior knowledge. It helped us to put a plan in place of how to optimise our site and how to best implement an organised structure to properly SEO We’ve now been able to manage and fix problems with internal/external links to our site and have definitely changed our SEO strategy. The course was great and helped us realise how to increase our search engine optimisation & page ranking to increase traffic to our site. We would happily recommend this course to anyone!

LFC Insurance

Second review: I attended your course last year and over the past month have FINALLY been able to apply what I learned – we've gone from pretty much no online existence to seven 1st place rankings for minor keywords and about 30 front page rankings overall – so not a bad start.

Priestley & Co

After several years experience with PPC, I decided to take the plunge and learn more about SEO and the benefits of organic search results compared to PPC. The trainer provided a fantastic service that led to me booking onto two of his courses. Both days were fantastic and my knowledge of SEO from just 2 days training is quite unbelievable. I am now planning SEO strategies for multiple companies…


I recently attended the intermediate SEO training course and it was excellent. The approach to the day ensured certain areas were tailored to the individual and at all times, the trainer remains very approachable. I feel comfortable that I have left with an enhanced skill set to install ‘best practices’ in-house. I would highly recommend the training course to anyone seeking to improve their SEO knowledge.

BrightBox Solutions

I traveled from Atlanta to attend Joe’s course, and while people may have thought that was a bit extreme, I did it for a few reasons. First, Joe’s own rankings speak volumes about his expertise. Second, his marketing expertise is clear from his site and the way he messages his services (and a good bit of that expertise translates into the classes). Finally, to attend a two day class for the cost of this one, and have a maximum of six students in the class makes it a great opportunity learn. My expectations and hopes were definitely fulfilled. The small class size and opportunity to ask questions and get answers about situations on your own site made it a great experience. The volume and

Owners Rentals

I meet some really nice genuine people at all different levels with similar interests and goals, namely to be #1 on Google. I am truly glad I had the opportunity to attend both days even though I already had a basic knowledge of SEO, the first day set me up nicely for the Intermediate course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of attending the class, sizes were just right so we were all able to ask plenty of questions, and have a comfortable learning environment.


I had a fair bit of SEO knowledge already, but decided to get a refresher and attended the intermediate course. The day session was structured extremely well, the presenter was very informative and has a wealth of experience. By the end of the day I had not only reaffirmed some of what I already knew, but also learnt a lot of new methods & techniques, going home with a presentation pack containing lots of useful tools and tips. My SEO plan taken from the course is already in action. I highly recommended the SEO Training for all knowledge levels. Thanks again.


A great introduction to SEO. Number one in Google search results for SEO training shows that they really know their subject inside out and was therefore able to not only give a broad overview, but also focus on particularly relevant areas for people in the group. He is approachable, willing to answer questions at any time and left us with comprehensive notes and resources. Couldn't wait to get back to the office and start optimising our website!

Divers Emergency Service

I took both theIntroduction & Internediate courses while working for London Hyperbaric / Divers Emergency Service hoping that it would enlighten me about the strange ways of SEO, allow me to analyse the work that had been done by our SEO company and hopefully bring the SEO in-house. I am well on the way to achieving those goals and it is great to have all the resource materials to refer to. I have years of training adults under my belt and know how difficult it can be, especially with a dry subject, but the trainer did a great job in imparting a lot of information in an interesting and clear way. If you need to learn about SEO, I find it hard to believe that there is anyone more

Opulent Africa

Joe did some great in house training, just what we needed to get underway with inhouse SEO. The training was at the level we required, well paced and informative. We will definately be asking him to come back later on in the year for a review session.

Fresh Home Builders

Great SEO training course! I attended the Introduction to SEO course a week ago and it was absolutely brilliant! The trainer knows what SEO is all about and he really tries to simplifies it for you. Highly recommend the course and will definitely attend the intermediate course as well!

British Association for Adoption and Fostering

Excellent SEO training course! I really enjoyed the course. The trainer made sure that he knew what each of the attendees (6 of us) wanted to get from the course. He was very approachable and took people’s questions as we went along. The course was quite broad, as there is so much content to cover. The course notes were excellent and we each received a usb stick to take away with more resources to use to help us with our SEO work. I would really recommend the intermediate course for people who know a bit and want to broaden their knowledge. I’m working on my SEO action plan right now… Thank you!

Theory Test Training

An excellent course which I would highly recommended & I will definitely be booking the intermediate course. I took the introductory course as I had every little knowledge of SEO, I now have a very detailed SEO plan.

Premier Autocentres

I attended the introduction SEO training in November and I found it to be most useful. It was a day where I could take everything in slowly and it bite size chunks, so it has all been retained and will be put to very good use! I found the tutor a very good teacher with excellent interaction to every individual in this intimate training session. Thanks again, see you at the top of Google!


I completed the Introduction to SEO course in November. It was very informative and useful. Joe is a great instructor. Knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t wait for the Intermediate course in the New Year!


This is an excellent course. Great course materials support a clear, well paced and easy-to-understand delivery.Definitely recommended.

Fast Floor

I completed the intermediate SEO Training – it was a great help, and to anyone who needs to learn more on SEO I would definitely recommend this course! The teacher was great, everything was easy to understand and follow. I can honestly say SEO will be a lot easier after taking this course!

Twin Group

I completed the intermediate SEO training and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to better understand the subject. Even if you think you know the basics of SEO and are skeptical about what a one-day course can teach you, you will be surprised how many practical strategies and tips you learn to improve your website’s SEO in a methodical way. The trainer was an engaging and informative teacher. A++, as they say on ebay!

British Recorded Music Industry

I completed the course earlier this month and can thoroughly recommend. The trainer is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation and his advice and training have already proved useful in my daily work within the BPI. The facilities are very good and the training is well tailored to the knowledge levels within the class.


I completed both the ‘Introduction to SEO’ and ‘SEO Intermediate’ courses in October and I thought they were both excellent. Firstly, it’s a subject that’s invaluable for achieving success in the internet space we work in today. Secondly, the course was run in a professional way; good venue, useful presentation slides and a small group of attendees. And finally, the trainer clearly knows his stuff and enjoys sharing his knowledge, resulting in two very interesting days, and the training notes he provided have already been referenced many times! The training is good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone looking for SEO training.

Natural Enhancement

Great course! I came along having a small amount of knowledge on SEO and left feeling that I could really take control of SEO – the tutor was great and having only 6 to a class meant that we had sufficient time to go through all our individual questions relating specifically to our company. The presentation handouts and additional tools have been very useful since the course! It was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding on SEO!

Fuel Dump

Wow brilliant course came away armed with so much info and lots of new tools to help me increase my rankings !! Very well structured course, very relaxed and very practical. Lots of useful tools explained simply to help you analyse not only how your site is doing for a whole range of SEO related things but also how you rate against your main industry competition on the web. I Could not wait to get started once the course was finished. Google no1 spot here we come !! Highly the recommend SEO Training courses to anyone hoping to raise their rankings.

Cass and Claredale

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, Joe Williams. He rocks! I was intimidated initially with the complex SEO jargons, but thanks to JOE who made the concepts so simple and the training so interesting. I can’t thank JOE enough for having taught us SEO so well . I have gone back to my company recommending other staff to attend this fantastic course with JOE I think anybody who is serious with digital marketing/advertising should do this course. Thanks again Joe, you are a STAR.

Girls Of Elegance

A must for SEO ! I attended the intermediate course, and can honestly say that the information, tools, and tips provided were expertly and clearly explained. The small class size of 6 meant that most of the samples and information was highly relevant to our own website. If you are asking yourself if you want to go on this course or not, then the fact that they are no 1 on google for seo training should sway you decision!

ICS Solutions

I absolutely loved it both the introduction and the intermediate courses. There is a reson why the SEO training is no1 in Google for this keyword and it is because they know their stuff! Excellent presentation, really knowledgeable and helpful. The course offers practical tips for hands-on SEO. The trainer offers a lot of good stats and you can see he really put some thought into the content he presents. He is confident and experienced about SEO and can offer real help, with good free tools and websites a starter or a more advanced SEO professional can use to help. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.


Like many people we came across them via the internet. The claim as Google’s No.1 ranked site for SEO training was intriguing, so it seemed like a good place to start our SEO training journey. After a few conversations to discuss our requirements we decided to organise onsite tailored training. Homework was given prior to the day so that we could really maximise what was covered. The day was well paced, and the trainer was excellent. Highly recommended.