Customer reviews

TopLine Communications

The onsite SEO training provided was practical and informative. We used real life examples and really benefited from the high levels of interaction. It’s quickly apparent if a trainer does not know their subject inside out, but ours really knew his SEO. In fact we were so impressed we booked another session on the same day.

NKD Learning

I did the SEO intermediate training course and found it incredibly useful. It was very much tailored to our industry and revealed some great insights. We devised a detailed action plan and how to measure the results which made it easy to transfer the learning immediately back at work.

The Sports Injury Clinic

I found the blogging course really helpful and really enjoyed it. I think it helped that there was such small numbers as it made it feel more personal and everything could be related directly to our blog and how we can improve it.

(Ph.D. Branding)

Loved your PPC training. Wanted to thank Jenny immensely. Found you very knowledgeable, calm, interactive, consistent and friendly. Even if it was a long session but you made me feel really comfortable and I never got drained out. My confidence levels have greatly risen up. The SEO training was really good too – I got ample scope for asking questions, provided with real life case studies, classroom activities, useful templates and video shows. Joe provided me with some idea about the direction I can progress in my future career relating to what I have done in the past – that was an eye opening meeting for me.

Frontier Technology

I thought you’d be pleased to know that I have tested the techniques you’ve shared on one of our offerings and that now appears on the first page of Google.

Pet Beds at Home

After my experience with a lot of inaccurate or out dated approaches being taken by so called ‘SEO’ companies that I have talked with or worked with, it was refreshing to have a straight forward structured approach to putting together your own SEO strategy. The trainer references up to date issues and google algorithmic updates that you need to be aware of. He also gives you all the information you need to feel confident that you can carry out SEO successfully. The course is very interactive, yet still very structured and covers the process in a logical and straight forward manner. If you need to know more about SEO I would recommend attending these SEO Training courses.

Phoenix Future

The SEO training provided an in-depth look at the many ways you can fine tune your website to meet search engine demands. The intermediate day was a good level for anyone with a decent knowledge of how search engine optimisation works. The trainer was very knowledge-able and able to answer even the most obscure SEO related questions. He provided excellent advice and went above and beyond the call of duty by providing indepth analysis of our sites individual needs. I went away with plenty of ideas for altering our approach and where I would want to take our strategy in the future.


I attended the introductory SEO course in June this year and I found it very informative and I've been able to put into practice a lot of the tips given to us. The class was small and allowed everyone’s participation, I felt comfortable although just beginner working with SEO. There was the opportunity to do practical exercises, which we could apply to our own website. It was a very enjoyable day, I would definitely recommend the SEO training.


As far as the course goes it is truly unbelievable, they fit so much information in on one day without it becoming overwhelming or daunting, the course is broken up into relevant sections and there are often breaks in order to absorb the information. Joe covers everything a beginner needs to no in the “Introduction to SEO” training explaining the core values of SEO and how search engines work to get you well on your way. And the “SEO Intermediate” training goes further into the workings of SEO and how to technically give your site a boost.

Adrian Beckett Tutors

I spent tons of time learning about SEO on my own and felt I’d got to a point where I really needed some support. The Introduction and Intermediate courses were just what I needed. Being a very small business owner of a tuition company, I felt that £800 was a lot to justify to myself. In hindsight, it was money well spent and I feel I can now tackle SEO head on in a more systematic way, effectively not wasting many hours darting around the internet looking for free advice.

Divers Emergency Service

Having no experience of SEO prior to this, it was certainly a daunting proposal to sit through both introductory and intermediate courses on consecutive days, however i can honestly say that the friendly but professional atmosphere managed to ease a lot of my anxiety very quickly. Well paced, the course covered the basics in an easily digestible, logical fashion and the extent of trainer’s knowledge is reflected in his ability to deliver information to all levels of experience with a confidence that is quite infectious. Thank you for expanding both my knowledge and opportunities.

Road Angel Fleet

The intermediate SEO course taught me what would probably take me months to discover, in one day. There were a lot of practical tools and advice that had an immediate impact on our search rankings. Well worth the investment.

Russel Jones & Walker

Having been on a few SEO training courses I can say that this was definitely the best. Well structured with great insights and the trainer made it relevant to our industry. There were some great resources to take away and these have come in very useful. The great thing about this is that it gives clear action points and reasoning behind them. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about SEO training at any level.


Our team really got a great amount out of the SEO course. The trainer covered everything we wanted and we would highly recommend the SEO training to others.


Brilliant training course structured very well, interactive and insightful in understanding the rules (search engine algorithms) of SEO. Plenty of resources were given to take away as well as recommended tools to use. The trainer answered all the questions in detail. I would highly recommend this course.


Excellent course! I took both the Introduction & Intermediate courses over a period of two days. Even though I’d had some experience with SEO before the course really help me understand all the different aspects and what is really important. The trainer was a great teacher and explained everything in a clear and simple way that enables anyone to take on the challenges of SEO!


The training taught me a lot about SEO and about how to properly start working on the optimization of my company’s website. None of my questions has been left unanswered. It was a real pleasure to learn from somebody with as much experience. I feel now, thanks to the extensive training, completely ready to tackle the SEO challenge my company is facing.

The Claims Guys

I took both the Introduction & Intermediate SEO courses over a period of two days. I can’t tell you how much I learned in such a short period of time. I have been a web designer for over ten years and the best practices I have been shown have really been an eye opener. Hopefully they won’t be too long in putting together their advanced SEO traning course.


Having attended Joe’s excellent seminar in London we decided to employ his services for a day at our offices. Joe’s approach to SEO is different from every agency we’ve ever used and it highlights just how important it is, if you have the time and resource, to do your own. No outside agency can promote your business as well as you – Joe gives you the tools to do so. To be honest the thought of undertaking our own SEO programme was rather daunting but Joe breaks it all down into digestible and most importantly, actionable parts. Covering onsite and offsite SEO, technical stuff, social platforms and relationship building Joe’s is a long term methodolgy that ensures the work you do

Interior Addict

The training course was very well structured; enabling every member of the group to get as much information as they needed. Due to the restricted numbers, I felt like I really had time to discuss my particular issues, and have all my questions and misunderstandings answered. The trainer was very well prepared, with great knowledge and ideas for our particular sites – it wasn’t just an instruction manual, we were provided with easy to use plans and spreadsheets to take away, and were given lot’s of smart little tips tailored to making the most of our websites. If you want the myths of SEO answered in an easy to understand format, I would highly recommend this course.

The Sports Injury Clinic

Joe provided a brilliant and comprehensive overview of the SEO factors that were vital for my internship. The information was not only beneficial from a business point of view, it was truly insightful into factors that I had never stopped to consider before. After Joe’s training, I feel confident in my ability to work effectively as an SEO, and feel I am able to turn insight into action after implementing the necessary requirements for effective search engine optimisation. Above all else, Joe consistently delivered top quality information throughout the day, and tailored his training to suit our needs, with a clear passion for what he does.


I took the Introduction to SEO training and came out with a basic strategy in mind of what needs to be done to promote our charity’s work online which was exactly what I was looking for. The training was full of useful info and flexible and personal enough to fit it to everyone’s needs. Great!

Beaufort House

I was positively surprised of depth and practicality of this course. Even that I did not consider myself as novice in IT and SEO as such it made me realise how deed the rabbit hole goes and on how many level you need to work to successfully maintain effective SEO strategy. These course was with no doubt good investment and I will (just as I already have) recommend it to others! Once a gain thank you for course as even within short time we already managed to increase our ranking significantly.

Lux Worldwide

Really insightful training with an equally useful written and digital summary full of the details so easily missed when on an intensive one day course. Our luxury products and services portal is going to rely heavily on SEO and SEM in the early days to be successful, so needed a level of expertise that will help our future growth. With our need for promoting global luxury brands and publishing engaging editorial, we were given real-world examples and best practice principles so SEO Training will get us there in style.

BAE Systems

Really interesting course. We had our day split into two sessions, one for UX/Designers and another for Developers. Both sessions were highly informative and interactive with some of the projects which we work on and ways to improve natural SEO and where the future lies in regards to rich snippets and mobile. Highly recommended!

Sunflower Framing

Great course, very knowledgeable. The course was well structured and had lots of information. The trainer was able (and happy) to answer any question we threw at him.

Pro Motivate

I’m looking to push my own site to the top of the natural search engine rankings. I took a one day course which was well prepared and presented. The class size was small and we were all able to use our own websites or proposed websites within the course. Thoroughly recommend and will ask for more assistance once I have completed the recommendations for SEO improvement on my own site.

Search Monkey SEO

The main thing that lead me to booking on with the SEO Training was that it was No 1 for that term; I’m always a believer that you need to practice what you preach. I attended the Intermediate course having already SEO experience. A great deal of information was covered in the course which was backed up by very good presentation and very comprehensive supporting course materials. I would highly recommend for anyone that would like move forward their SEO knowledge, from the individual, to SEO consultant or responsible for in-house SEO. Highly recommended, thanks a lot.

Kadmos Consultants

I initially intended to send an employee of our firm to attend a group session at the intermediate level and ended up doing the course myself. Being one of those people who only use the computer as a modern version of a typewriter, I was naturally concerned that I might loose the thread before I pick it up. I was so impressed that I could follow the course from beginning to end! The presentation was very informative and well structured, and most importantly, was delivered at a comfortable pace with much attention to individual needs. After this, I had private training which was entirely tailor-made for our business. As a result, we have worked out a constructive strategy with measurable

BMT Hi-Q Sigma

Great practical SEO course. I attended the course to find out information about SEO for a company report, having just searched the web for information previously. The material was presented very well with lots of useful tips and practical advice on tools, tricks and applications to use to impact search rankings tailored to our own websites and pages. I have asked a few questions after the course which have all been answered quickly too. I would highly recommend SEO Training