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The SEO training introductory and intermediate courses cut through a lot of the noise and confusion surrounding SEO and I left the session with a clear understanding of the the subject. I see websites in a completely new light now – I’ve started to spot and read the optimisation that I never saw before. Joe’s experience has clearly influenced the course structure and his user-centred approach has equipped me with a set of useful tools and checklists that I’ll be able to implement on existing and future sites.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Many thanks for tips, it was a highly enjoyable course. I was inspired after our chat about guest blogging, and after uploading my latest post last Thursday, I was invited by a blogging community site to join them, along with a London magazine asking whether I’d like to write for them. The two things aren’t really related, but it’s made me even more determined to pursue the guest blogging line now


The Intermediate SEO training course was both informative and fun. The intimate group setting meant everyone was involved and all our questions were answered. I was highly impressed by the level of detail and the breadth of the topics we covered in a day. I left feeling positive about my next steps and confident about how I could pass this knowledge onto my business. With hundreds of courses out there to choose from, I felt extremely happy with my choice.

Fantasy Logic

I attended the introductory SEO seminar on behalf of FantasyLogic. Small training group, great course structure, personalized training material, practical examples and tips, interactive, insightful and practical information are just a few words to describe my experience. Being No1 in “SEO training” search results is simply not a coincidence. They really know their stuff: highly recommended.

Engine Group

The course did a great job at explaining how Google actually works, providing insight into what we’re trying to achieve. There were lots of helpful hints, tips and tools and a realistic approach to making changes and seeing results. Great teaching and helpful take-aways, definitely recommend.


I attended the Introduction to PPC course with Jenny. The course was very well structured and has given me a strong base to start building my PPC campaign on. Also Jenny was clear, well paced and very informative. I am very happy to have attended the course and would definitely recommend it.

Trident Marketing

I attended the Introduction to SEO course and found it very interesting and informative. The trainer has an exceptional knowledge of the subject and has an excellent way of teaching which makes it easily understandable. The teaching groups were small which ensured one to one attention. I would highly recommend this course.

London Fire Brigade

We had an onsite SEO introduction day training for eight people in our London office.

Haymarket Risk Management

Undoubtedly the best and most useful SEO training course available, professional from start to finish. Small group sizes and an extremely knowledgeable trainer make this an exceptionally worth wile course to take. The course goes beyond just moving your site up the ranking’s but really explains how online marketing effects your SEO, what you can do and how you can do it.

Chesterton Humberts

Both of the SEO courses I went on contained all the material I had been interested to learn. The trainer explains all the elements clearly and provides some very useful tools that I will be using. I would definitely recommend this course.

The Official Charts Company

Very useful course, packed with lots of practical tips and tools to advance your understanding of SEO. Also great for equipping you to deal knowledgeably with a search agency, and more importantly, revealing where your budget can often be saved by doing it.


I was very impressed by both the content and the professionalism of the training course I attended. The small group size meant the trainer could show in detail how the material related to our own website. Everything was practical and hands on which, working for a small business in our infancy, was exactly what I was looking for. This course has allowed us to build and implement our own in house SEO strategy saving over £1000pm in agency fees. At under £400 for the whole course the return on investment is brilliant. I would definitely use them again.

RF Solutions

Following the SEO intermediate course, our SEO improvements are going really well at the moment; we had our most hits and sales in any one day yesterday.

Computer Forensic Alliance

I would definitely recommend the SEO Training to anybody who is looking to gain either a basic or more advanced understanding of SEO. I myself undertook the Intermediate Course and was very impressed with the way in which was presented. The trainer really does know his stuff and it does shows when you engage in conversation with him about a topic. Every question asked was answered without hesitation. I will definitely be returning again for future courses.


The intermediate SEO training provided is one of the most informative courses I will say I have ever been on. The training was very comprehensive and set out in clear stages for you to follow. Each topic was discussed in detail allowing anyone to understand and any questions were clearly answered. I found that the knowledge gained by this course far outweighs paying a company thousands to do SEO work for you. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Molton Brown

Rather than being full of jargon and confusing digressions, this SEO training day was full of practical, clear and useful advice. The SEO Introduction course was ideal for copywriters like myself and both I and my team member came away with a lot of ideas about how to improve our site’s page rankings with both on-site optimisation and second party initiatives. Joe tailored the course to each individual’s place of work and their position, helping to make the course directly relevant to our day jobs (instead of being a ‘one fits all’)..

Computer Forensic Alliance

I would certainly recommend the SEO training to anybody requiring guidance in this area. The in-house course was an excellent introduction to something that we have not dealt with in the past. The trainer is clearly extremely knowledgeable in the subject and his training methods are informative, focused and engaging. The course was very well structured, and although our requirements were something out of the ordinary, he had the flexibility and skills to tailor the course ‘on the fly’ to meet our needs. We chose SEO Training because they came out top on a Google search, and I am now confident that we can provide similar results for our clients. Ten out of ten!

Molton Brown

Joe offered some very useful and handy tips on SEO. Most memorably giving insight into the cogs working behind the face of search engines. Being able to understand why and how SEO happens makes optimising it a more clever venture.

Riley Digital

I would like to thank Joe and SEO Training for opening my eyes on the intermediate SEO Course as to how search engine optimisation works. During the day with Joe he introduce us to the inner workings of how to monitor your own website and also to gauge other peoples websites, gave me great insights into how to improve my website, increase my PageRank and also source the keywords that relate to my product. I will be coming back to SEO Training for some more courses in 2013 as they have helped me immensely. I would highly recommend Joe and I am looking forward to meeting the other tutors in the company. He helped me to “like learning" again.


I attended the Introduction to SEO and AdWords PPC training courses and found them both full of insightful and practical information. I came away knowing much more than I previously did about both SEO and PPC, but also with the confidence to apply what I had learnt. The small attendance sizes allow for a great learning environment, as the material is easily applied to everyone’s needs.


I attended both the introductory and intermediate SEO training courses. There is a lot to cover over the two days, but the trainer covers all the areas thoroughly and leaves you wanting to find out everything there is to now on the subject. At the end of the two days, I was really looking forward to applying what I had learnt, and continue reading around the subject and expanding my knowledge. If you want to understand more about SEO, I can’t recommend them enough.

Premier Kitchens

Jenny was a great PPC trainer and the course was very fluent, informative and covered all grounds of what I wanted to know when signing up for the course. I’m looking forward to putting it into action safe in the knowledge that Jenny is available to help with any queries going forward.


The SEO intermediate training course I attended last week was very informative and has given me the tools and the added confidence I need to get our site better optimised and higher up in the Google search results. The advice was clear and detailed and delivered in a friendly and fun way, not the usual boring approach to a training course that many of us are used to, it was also amazing just how much information and practical help that can be fitted into a days training without it getting too overwhelming. It is evidently clear that teh trainer ‘knows his onions’ when it comes to SEO and I certainly would not hesitate to use them again.


I would definitely recommend the SEO introduction course to everyone that is new to SEO. There is a great structure to the course, and each section is thoroughly executed, with a Q&A after each part. It doesn’t stop there though, you get an SEO pack and some tasks to get on with when you leave. Overall, a quality course.


I took part in an introduction to SEO workshop, having no real prior knowledge about the subject at all. We had an excellent teacher and helped to give me a grounding in the basics of SEO. He had some great tips which have already boosted our presence on the internet and improved our website no end. I can thoroughly recommend the workshop – the day was broken down into easy to understand modules and the trainer was completely approachable throughout the day if we had any questions. I will certainly be doing the intermediate course soon!

Computastat Group

I attended the SEO Intermediate training and found it an excellent course and well worth the time and money! It’s delivered as an informative and very well versed guide to SEO that covers all you need to know in 3 different key areas. It’s a lot to get through in a day but the trainer managed to keep it interesting, relevant and to-the-point. As an added bonus you get a guide from the days training, analysis of your own site and they are also happy to help with any follow up questions after the day. Highly recommended.


I have done introduction and intermediate SEO courses and now I can say that I have understood what is SEO and how it works. The courses are run in a very relaxed and interactive way. During the class we do individual exercises prepared individually earlier the trainer answers all questions we threw at him. I really enjoyed the courses, I highly recommend them to anyone.

The Millshop Online

The SEO introduction course gives a real insight into the world of SEO. The course is interactive providing a great overview of what is entailed in SEO as well as going into specific detail on individual topics. It gives practical examples and tips that one can put into practice. The trainer was great at answering any questions and provides great resources to use in the workshop as well as to take away with you. I would definitely recommend this day to anyone looking to gain an understanding of SEO.


I wholeheartedly recommend the SEO Training for anyone interested in the subject, whether for work or hobby purposes. The small training groups and Joe’s clear, relaxed training style ensures that all participants get real value out of the day. Joe provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, broken down into easily-digestible morsels, as well as great training materials to take away with you. I was particularly impressed that Joe went to the trouble of preparing materials unique to each person attending the day, so they could benefit as much from the day as possible. His real-world experience also ensures that Joe knows his subject area inside-out, and not just from a purely

Search Monkey SEO

Just a big thank you to Ali Luke for the Blogging course on Tuesday. I have long theoretically known the benefits of blogging, but to date have blogged half heatedly and received half hearted results. It was an inspiration to me able to learn from Ali who has a great deal of experience and success directly due to blogging. The course has made me see that blogging must become one of the primary marketing thrusts for my website in which I am going to put a great deal of recourse. The course has also given me the tools and confidence that I can now just do it! And also thanks to Jenny for an excellent PPC course. The purpose of me attending the course was to specifically help me to set