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Middlesex Uni

Middlesex University

I felt the training was exactly what my team required, we have a number of team members that are at different levels of SEO understanding.

In this training we were able to meet our needs, which enables us to now move forward knowing that as a team we have a better understanding of SEO and developments in SEO.

The trainer was really helpful to our needs as a team and was willing and able to adapt to his audience. He has also been available to the team after the training. This is very important as it shows they take great pride in their aftercare

- Segun Fajimolu, Middlesex University

Digital Bang

I attended the SEO Introductory training course back in March 2013. Since then and after many hours invested on optimising our own projects, there was something still missing. The jigsaw puzzle pieces were found in the intermediate course. They knew exactly where to focus and how to put all these techniques into practice. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the world of SEO.

- George Papatheodorou, Digital Bang

Mitsubishi Electric

The course was very good and i learnt alot from it. The tools that were shown throughout the course were very insteresting and will be very useful going forward.

- Dean Sadler, Mitsubishi Electric

Element London

The SEO introduction course was great! Joe was clear, patient and took care to ensure that we understood the concepts and how they related to our individual areas. The small class size was also a plus as it meant we were each afforded one-on-one assistance. Thanks Joe!

- Nick Russell, Element London


I took the introduction course with Joe last year and have been putting theory in to practice for around 12 months, with good results. But I felt I could still do better and wanted to find out more. Attending the workshop meant that I didn’t just have someone ‘teaching at me’ (which I could get online from videos) but learnt from someone who would coach me through discussion and practical examples. And also be there afterwards if I need to ask anything after the training.

My only regret is that I didn’t attend the intermediate course sooner as it really does compliment the introduction course well!

- Amanda Isom, CTPA

Red Savannah

Joe’s course was extremely useful and covered a lot of ground. I feel I have come away with some practical SEO tools that I can use regularly. I certainly feel that some of the ‘mystery’ surrounding SEO has been addressed.

- Danielle Ward, Red Savannah

Fubra Limited

After attending the SEO introduction course, we wanted to gain a more in depth understanding of SEO and learn how we could implement some of the more advanced techniques into our websites.

Joe is very well prepared and he did research into our network of websites prior to his visit. Whilst going through the presentation, he would often show us how we could incorporate certain things on our own websites.

Joe presented at a steady pace and was always more than happy to answer any questions we had for him. There were so many talking points to take away from his presentation and we are already having a crack at the some of the techniques. I would definitely recommend Joe and the folks over at ZenOptimise, thank you!

- Will Davies, Will Davies/Fubra Limited

The Portman Estate

This was a great introduction to SEO. Joe took us through the foundation, suggested tools for us to use, had a guide for us to takeaway and didn’t overload us with too much detail. It was just the right amount of material and covered relevant points that applied to each of our own websites. I know I have more to learn, but I didn’t walk away from this class feeling overwhelmed and felt I had enough skills to get started on my own. I’d definitely come back to Joe for further training in the area.

- Mary Elizabeth Rankin, The Portman Estate

Hotspot Marketing

Joe made practical common sense for how to think about, plan and approach using Google as a marketing tool for your website. I particularly liked how he graded what was essentially important and what was not so – which put a lot of ‘blarney’ I’ve previously heard and questioned to bed! I’ve worked with SEO agencies and not always been convinced by their thinking and methods – the insights this course provides puts you in a good place to be asking the right questions to any agency. I will be recommending Joe’s courses to our clients that are considering SEO – with the insights Joe provides, you can make a considered decision whether to implement it yourself in-house – it is definitely doable – or ensure that you recruit an agency that won’t waste your time or budget.

- Jacqui Taimitarha, Hotspot Marketing
Brooks and Kirk

Brooks and Kirk

Before going along to this course I thought I had a reasonable amount of knowledge in SEO, but it turns out my existing knowledge was merely touching the surface. The trainer, Joe is absolutely brilliant. Whilst it was a knowledge packed day, it was delivered at a good steady pace. Before attending the one day course, I was sceptical as to whether or not we would be able to cover each aspect in SEO in enough depth because of the volume of content in the itinerary. But Joe ensured that each topic was covered in enough detail to enable us to be able to go away and make meaningful changes to our company’s SEO campaigns. I would highly recommend this course!

- Sam Sleight, Brooks and Kirk

Arcadia Corporate Merchandise Ltd

An excellent introduction to Google Adwords that helps understand the strategy behind online advertising.

- Giedre Jaruseviciute, Arcadia Corporate Merchandise Ltd
The Royal Veterinary College

The Royal Veterinary College

Excellent! Interesting, informative and enjoyable – what more could you ask for in a course!

- Jack Sisterson, The Royal Veterinary College

Tara & Co

- David French, Tara & Co

The Highlands Store

Thank you for the tools and knowledge you provided on those two days. It’s proving very useful. Hopefully cross paths again at some point in the future.

- Connor Hayes, The Highlands Store

Yoga Retreats

Being totally new to blogging I was looking for more clarity in understanding how SEO works and I now feel confident in optimising my website for Google and other search engines. Highly recommend!

- Sarah Fogel, Yoga Retreats

connect vending

A very informative session with Joe, highly recommended for those who want to take their SEO to the next level. We went through various slides that helped me understand how google really works and certainly will be back for the advanced training.

- olid uddin, connect vending

Centre Tank Services Ltd

I first met Joe back in 2012 whilst on the Intermediate SEO training course, and over the last few months other members of my department have undertaken the same session. The day is always informative and well-structured, yet also flexible enough to tailor for individual requirements. Joe’s style as a training is really personable and he explains everything in a clear and easy to understand manner. Putting into practice the training over the past few years has led to a great improvement in our rankings – I would absolutely recommend.

- Michelle Goodfellow, Centre Tank Services Ltd

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

I have worked with Joe Williams at Zen Optimise on various occasions and I have found them to be very helpful and organized. We used them mainly for onsite SEO assistance to better optimize our website using keywords.

- Clark Beesley, Stainless Steel Ball Valves

InStyle LED Ltd

Big thanks Joe, for all your SEO support and advice. This was the second visit we’d arranged from Zen Optimise – after putting in place the groundwork last time, we were ready to move our web presence up a gear. And your input is already paying off for us in terms of hits and Google ranking, thanks especially to your guidance on keywords and backlinks.

We’ll certainly be working with Zen Optimise again.

- Joe Watts, InStyle LED Ltd

Action Sealtite

A thorough overview of the founding principles of SEO as well as looking at other aspects of marketing such as identifying your audience and integrating your commercial goals into your SEO campaigns. I really enjoyed the design and user-ability aspects of the course which are so often overlooked but so very important. The course was set at a nice pace and pitched perfectly for the group’s level. Lots of practical advise on how to implement what we had learned too, including an overview of some really interesting industry tools. Joe is a fantastic trainer with well polished presenting skills and comprehensive course materials to support. I learnt a great deal and really enjoyed the course. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you

- Carla Nadin, Action Sealtite

Leon Restaurants

Joe was absolutely fantastic. Clear, easy to understand and extremely interesting. Way surpassed my expectations. Made something intimidating seem completely doable. Can’t wait to get started and use all my learnings to improve our website.

- Saskia Sidey, Leon Restaurants

Applegreen Websites

The course was packed with tips, information and tools, most of which I had not used before. It was great to be able to ask all the questions I wanted and to hear the issues other participants brought up. Joe was thorough and generous with answers and extra support.

- Stephanie Boucher, Applegreen Websites


The whole session was informative from start to finish, the class being small (only 4 people) also meant that it was a far easier to ask questions and relate to personal issues with SEO without taking up too much time of the other class members. The day was split up with workshops, presentations and videos as well as Joe’s own knowledge, this meant that we were always learning without it becoming stagnant.

- Emma Mahoney, whynot!

Red Savannah

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your training yesterday. I found it really interesting as well as enjoyable. I’ve come away with a very large to-do list to work on as well as some good intentions that I hope I can deliver on! I’ve used some of the SEO tools and have worked on a competitor analysis already! It’s really helped on the big marketing decision we discussed.

- Sarah-Leigh Shenton, Red Savannah


This was my second Zen Optimise course. Having been extremely impressed with the SEO Introduction I booked for the Adwords Introduction too and I have not been disappointed. I had not previously realised just how much technique and strategy is involved in AdWords campaigns. Andy was very knowledgeable and extremely happy to pass on as much as possible during the time we had. I would definitely recommend these courses and hope to extend my knowledge further in the future.

- Amanda Isom, CTPA
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