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Our 2019 SEO Roadmap

We’re excited with our 2019 roadmap. Twelve new SEO mini-courses scheduled in 12-months! Learn SEO Fast is our signature SEO course which covers all the SEO essentials you need to succeed on search engines and the new upcoming series of mini-courses builds upon that and allows you to master one or all areas of SEO. A copywriter can focus on just content, a web developer on the technical side and a manager on the strategy. And if you are a digital marketer or have a strong interest in SEO, you can take all the courses! That way, you and your team can personalise your SEO learning by learning what’s most relevant to your job and interests.


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All upcoming courses
Content Marketing for SEO
Creating Valuable Content
Influencer Outreach
Link Building
Managing SEO
SEO for Publishers
Site Speed
Site Structure
Strategic Keyword Research
Strategic SEO
Technical SEO
Writing for the Web