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Want to write copy that draws in readers and satisfies search engines? Learn how to combine social media and content marketing, capitalising on the latest SEO trends to get your content found and ranked by search engines.

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Featured SEO Courses for Wordsmiths

As the go-to person for all things content, you probably have your hands full. Our SEO Custom package lets you pick three most relevant to your needs courses that will help you write killer content. Below, we list the three we feel are most relevant to bloggers, copywriters and content writers.

SEO for Publishers

SEO for Publishers

SEO Custom By Joe Williams

Advanced Keyword Research

Advanced Keyword Research

SEO Custom By Joe Williams

The SEO for Publishers course includes content ideation, sources of free and high-quality images, social media for SEO, creating and using an editorial calendar and writing that targets both your readers and search engines.

Writing great content isn’t enough. You need to promote it and get it noticed by the right people. Our content marketing course helps with content promotion and earning backlinks that will boost your site’s reputation and rankings.

If you want your content to be found by search engines, you need to know what keywords potential readers are using. In the SEO Core package, we cover the basics of keyword research. In the Advanced Keyword Research, we dive deeper and show you more advanced tools and techniques.

SEO Custom: Personalise Your Learning

Pick any 3 SEO Custom Courses

If the SEO for Publishers, Content Marketing or Advanced Keyword Research courses aren’t for you, pick any three you like from the SEO Custom package. The SEO Custom package also includes the series of SEO Core courses. Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter or someone who cares about good copy, through our courses, you’ll learn many ways to build search engine traffic and make your life as a publisher easier.

If three SEO Custom courses (including the SEO Core package) are not enough, consider the SEO Complete package. It includes all the SEO Core Courses, all the SEO Custom courses and three extra courses.

Plus, 9 SEO Core Courses

9 mini SEO courses

SEO Core By Joe Williams


Learn Anywhere. Any Device. Anytime.

Online SEO Training

Our SEO courses play-friendly on any online device, so you have the freedom to take it wherever you go. You’ll learn SEO through engaging video lessons and we’ll always walk you through the practical steps you need to take next. 

Snackable lessons

Snackable lessons

Short, sweet, and extremely filling: our bite-size lessons are easy to follow and to the point.

Stay up-to-date with Google

Stay up-to-date + retrain

SEO and search engines change fast. We stay up-to-date so you can too.


PDF downloads

Execution is key. Become a task master by using our downloadable PDFs, frameworks and action plans.


Video + text

Take control of your SEO. Through fun, informative videos that reinforce learning through reading transcriptions.


Assignments + quizzes

The best way to learn is by doing. Practice your knowledge and test it through our assignments and quizzes.

Free updates + lifetime access

Free updates + no hidden costs

Future updates to all our SEO courses are inclusive of the price you pay when you sign up.

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