Get To Know Your Ideal Reader
Get to Know Your Ideal Reader – the Key to Your Blog's Success
Do you have a clear picture of your ideal reader (or perfect customer)? We help you discover who that person is and write content targeted to them.
Why Cornerstone Content Matters
Why Cornerstone Content Matters – and How to Create It
Learn how to create high-quality content that draws potential customers into your site, solves their problems, and helps them to trust and like you.
What Are Your Content Marketing Goals
What Are Your Content Marketing Goals – and How Will You Achieve Them?
Are you getting the results you want from content marketing? We explain how to set great goals, and give you specific examples of how to reach them.
Structure Great Blog Posts
How to Plan and Structure Great Blog Posts, Every Time
Find out how to create a solid plan and write a post that's well-structured (making it easy to produce and easy to read) with our step-by-step advice.
Google-Keyword Planner for SEO Keyword Research
How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO Keyword Research
Would you like to research keywords and prioritise the best ones for SEO? This video does just that and covers Google Keyword Planner best practices.
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