Why We Rebranded

6 Reasons Why We Rebranded (and 3 Reasons We Hesitated)

It all started 12 months ago, with two peaceful weeks off work, and one memorable daydream. In that moment, Zen Optimise was born. It was great timing too. For a [...]
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Interactive Online Quizzes for Fun, Profit and Lead Generation

Are you looking to grow your email list? Would you like to generate more leads and develop your social media presence? In this post, you’ll learn how quizzes can not [...]
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‘r Blogger’s Arwain at SEO

Gwybodaeth Gefndirol Er i ni ysgrifennu llyfr yngl?n â SEO sy’n cynnwys dros 300 o dudalennau, dim ond dwsin o dudalennau sydd eu hangen arnoch i ddeall sut y gellir [...]
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Blog Post Structures

8 Under-Used Blog Post Structures to Try Today – and 24 Inspiring Examples

Once you’ve mastered a few basic types of blog posts, it’s easy to get stuck producing the same type of content day after day and week after week. It’s a [...]
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Ways To Get Attention In The Blogosphere

6 Ways to Get (Good) Attention in the Blogosphere

Image from Flickr by Adam Tinworth When you’re building your business through online content, it’s not enough to simply write great posts. Without readers, you may as well not bother. [...]
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Cornerstone Content Now What

You’ve Created Your Cornerstone Content – Now What?

Image from Flickr by Nerissa’s Ring Back in Feb Ali published a fantastic blog about why cornerstone content matters – and how to create it. To summarise, cornerstone content is [...]
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Get To Know Your Ideal Reader

Get to Know Your Ideal Reader – the Key to Your Blog’s Success

Image from Flickr by Photos by Mavis You’ve started a company blog, or you’re planning to begin one soon. You’re probably feeling a little unsure what to write about … [...]
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Why Cornerstone Content Matters

Why Cornerstone Content Matters – and How to Create It

[three_fourth_last]One of the best ways to attract new customers to your website is to provide them with high-quality content that answers their questions or solves their problems. “Cornerstone content” (sometimes [...]
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What Are Your Content Marketing Goals

What Are Your Content Marketing Goals – and How Will You Achieve Them?

Image from Flickr by tee.kay Are your content marketing efforts paying off … or are they yet another thankless task on your to-do list? If content marketing isn’t bringing you [...]
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Structure Great Blog Posts

How to Plan and Structure Great Blog Posts, Every Time

Image from Flickr by orangeacid. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Some people like to write in a “stream-of-consciousness” way, putting down whatever comes into their [...]
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Google-Keyword Planner for SEO Keyword Research

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO Keyword Research

Would you like to research keywords and prioritise the best ones for SEO? If you give me 17 minutes I’ll show you how to do just that one page at [...]
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