Zen Optimise Performance Review
What You can Learn From Zen Optimise's Performance Review [Guest Post]
(Guest post.) Joe hired me to tune-up Zen Optimise. Here's my documentation of the process, showing you what you should be doing to speed up your site.
Contact Us
Eight Easy Ways to Build Trust with Your Contact Page
Are you losing potential customers (or repeat business) at the last minute? Your Contact page needs to encourage visitors to trust you. Here's how.
Trust Writing
Nine Straightforward Ways to Build Trust through Your Writing [With Examples]
Your content needs to build a relationship and get prospects to trust you. Are your blog posts and pages working hard enough? Here's how to fix them.
Community Content
Building a Community Around Your Content From Scratch
Every brand that’s focusing their marketing efforts on content marketing has the word community on their mind. This practical post shows you how to do it.
Your Next Website Design Launch
How to Launch Your Next Website Design without Destroying Your Search Engine Reputation
To help you avoid a website redesign SEO disaster, we've outlined the steps you need to take to maintain your site’s search engine ranking.
Great Content Isn't Enough
Great Content Isn’t Enough and You Know It
Don’t just assume that if your content is great, it will deliver a return on investment. You need to work hard to get your content visible to the right people at the right time.
Trust About Page
Ten Smart Things You Can Do To Build Trust Through Your About Page [With Examples]
Is your About page working well and building prospects' and customers' trust? Or is it a wasted opportunity? Learn from these 10 examples of good practice.
Content Repurposing
Content Repurposing: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Do It
Do you spend a lot of time creating content? Save time and effort by repurposing some of it. We explain what that means, and run through 12 ways to do it.
Word Processor
Six Great Alternatives to MS Word and Mac Pages for More Productive Writing
Do you find yourself struggling to focus when you write? Maybe it's not you ... it's your software. We suggest some great alternatives to try out today.